Life After Myth - 2013

Medea was a witch who murdered her sons. She can admit that was a low point. But they were never supposed to stay dead. Now, in Life After Myth, she is determined to salvage their lives – and her own. Happy endings do not come easily to those the gods have frowned upon, but Medea is no longer the lovestruck girl she once was. Aided in modern day by the musician Orpheus, the ghosts of her boys, her pet dragons, and an unlikely hero, Medea defies epic odds in her quest to rewrite tragedy. As her tale unfolds against a backdrop of Greek mythology, she discovers that with magic there is always a way... and a price. Life After Myth is told in alternating perspectives, and its sweeping narrative of mythical realism is full of adventure, humor, heartbreak, and the courage it takes to fight your Fate.


Running Into Trouble - 2010

Once upon a time, there was a shy, artsy kid named Boone. Unfortunately for him, he was pretty - which meant he got beat up all the time. But then he ran into Trouble: a wild girl whose feral intensity helped him build the confidence he had always lacked. Together, they embark on the Adventures of growing up, dreaming big, and falling in love.

The year I went as a "ghostwriter" for Halloween...

The year I went as a "ghostwriter" for Halloween...